Wednesday, June 8, 2011


 Many people hold statistics in the highest regard…like they’re gospel and destined to be repeated.  I don’t.  I believe they are just a historical representation of the accomplishments of others based on circumstances at the time. I believe we should definitely be aware of our  history, not to embrace it as an inevitability but to illuminate the road for our success.
Nearly all businesses have a cycle.  A daycare’s enrollment and revenue will generally dip in the summer while business is more likely to peak at vacation destinations and amusement parks.  The National Retail Federation reports that on average, holiday sales account for as much as 40 % of all retail sales…meaning sales for the rest of the year would be considered soft.   
We have a great advantage in DIRECT SALES!  Not only do we have enough history to understand the cycles for our industry and products, but because of our low overhead (compared to traditional businesses), we’re flexible enough to make adjustments in our business plan to create the success we want, when we want it.  But ONLY if we plan!
So, summer is here.  Starting now…as you read this message…your decision and your actions will determine the height of your summer success. Just as we focus on holiday theme gift packages during the  Christmas holiday season, we have to focus on what will work best for us during the summer season. Identifying new customers.  Being creative and engaging your loyal customers .  Getting referrals.  Enjoying summer community events and making new contacts.
To assist you, corporate recently offered two powerful training calls to help you prepare for a tremendous summer.  (Both of these calls can still be accessed on replay as indicated below.)   Listen.  Take notes.  These calls offer valuable information that will help you prepare for a successful summer.
Nadine and I know we’re blessed with an incredible group of Entrepreneurs.  If we do this together, we can make this a GREAT SUMMER for the Soul Purpose Community.  But we must do it together.  If you need any assistance at all, please email

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