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"We bring you joy, it's our mission" 
~ Nadine Thompson

Each month, you JOY OF THE MONTH CLUB (JOM) receive a special collection of Soul Purpose Product to enrich your soul and bring you JOY!  Each collection has been assembled just for you by our CEO/Founder, Nadine Thompson.
Just $50 RETAIL for customers or $35 WHOLESALE for Entrepreneurs, the limited collection is priced at a discount from what you would normally pay for the individual products. PLUS, you'll receive a FREE $20 PERFUME ROLL-ON with each purchase!  

Download program documents by clicking a link below:

JOM OVERVIEW (Contains a list of all of the packages through December 2015!)

Tips for Selling JOY OF THE MONTH!

1.  Stock up for your holiday sales.  The JOM packages will make excellent holiday gifts, so stock up and have on hand for your customers to purchase.

2.  Marketing.  Let EVERYONE know about these fabulous packages.  Send emails, or the beautifully designed ecards, promote on FaceBook and talk up the benefits or personal testimonials of each product.  Be sure to forward the corporate emails announcing each new pack to your everyone on your contact list.

3.  Send reminders as the month draws to a close.

4.  Help create a social media buzz.  Join any and all conversations on Facebook or start your own.  Remember, the more people posting, commenting and sharing each post the better.  

5.  Display the JOM pack of the month at all of your events, add a picture of the JOM pack to your email signature.

6.  Think of your own creative way to get the word out and market JOY OF THE MONTH.  Share your ideas on the Soul Purpose CEO page and team pages.  I'll pick up as many of them as possible and add to this page, so check back often to see what's new!

Best wishes for extraordinary success!

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